Julie Zinderman, Creator of the BusyBelt™

Julie Zinderman

Sensibly Smart LLC is the name of my company. I am the creator of the Busybelt, the handsfree, stylish solution for when two hands aren’t enough.

After a successful career merchandising for a large mail order horticultural company, I became a stay-at-home mom. As my 2 children grew, I became involved in their school and outside activities and was always on the go. I was always trying to stay organized, juggling this and that, trying to utilize my time wisely.

It wasn’t until both of my children left the nest that I finally had the time to focus and put my creative juices back to work. My continued quest to simplify, organize and work efficiently finally became a reality. It was at a time when something had to change. I was too frustrated with working inefficiently that I sat down at my sewing machine and put together my first Busybelt. It held my must haves, like my cell phone, my music, my house phone, pencil and paper as I worked around the house. Finally, what I needed was always at my side, along with my cleaning or gardening supplies, or supplies for whatever task I was doing. I loved its versatility and I decided that lovely fabrics were the way to go, as this was not going to be my husbands big, heavy tool belt. I also decided to keep it simple. I believe by offering too many options, a tool can seem overwhelming to use. Less is more. Not complicated, good looking, multipurpose, extremely functional and a stress reliever. And it was that, the Busybelt was created.